About us

#Hackers for Change is a campaign intended to show how hackers are using their skills for the public good.

We desire the use of the term ‘attackers’ or ‘criminals’  in the context of describing bad apples who exploit and steal assets.

Our goal, however, is more than accelerating a change in semantics. Our mission is to break hacker stereotypes to bring cognitive diversity and inclusion of different communities at the roundtable to manage cybersecurity problems and make society and technology safer.

Each hacker or passionate voice in this coalition has made a public commitment to support #Hackers for Change:   “I believe in educating society about hackers’ critical role architecting a safer and better world. I see a negative connotation and am speaking up to urge the entity to use the term attackers or criminals instead.” #HackersforChange

If you’d like to support our cause, please submit a photo with your name or online handle, company, and quote to Join@hackersforchange.org and we will post it. If you see misinformation about a hacker,  we urge you to include the above quote, hashtag it, and link to our website.

*Note: #Hackers for Change supports freedom of expression and flow of ideas and does not censor quotes submitted to this site from entities the public may deem controversial.

For other questions, please contact us below: