Tips for Stopping HackerMisinfo

Here are tips from Hackers for Change on how to stop the spread of misinformation about hackers. The goal is to help educate society about their critical role in making the world a safer place.

(1) Use words and terminology correctly as they matter for building bridges among hackers and business units for managing cyberrisk and improving policy outcomes.

(2) If you see an entity or person spreading misinformation about hackers, speak up: “I believe in educating society about hackers’ critical role architecting a safer and better world. When talking about bad apples, use the term attackers or criminals instead.” #HackersforChange

(3) Start having conversations internally with people in your departments about the business case for eliminating the negative connotation associated with hackers.

(4) Show the examples of how hackers are improving society, and urge for the use of term attackers and criminals instead when talking about bad guys.

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